TGNT Day 3: Free Worksheet in Progress

Below are the items you need to start working from home:

1. Have the RIGHT Mindset

mindset Believe it or not, thisis directly proportion to your success in earning online. The earlier you have this, the better. The more you have this, the greater you will be.

There are a lot of people who approaches me and inform me that they want to earn online. Some of them asks what’s the easiest job to take. Some also say that they are tired of the 8am-5pm routine. Also, most of them say they hate their boss, the work environment and the heavy traffic jam they have to survive every single day of their workweek.

More… (on the free worksheet)

2. Others

Skills can be easily acquired. Hence, work on getting the right mindset first.

Anyway, here are the other items you need:

1. PC/Laptop System Requirements

Dual Core Processor or higher, 2GB of Memory (RAM) or higher

2. Fast Internet connection

When we say fast, it is not 1mbps. It should be more than that. Ask your neighbor if they have DSL and if their connection is fast and reliable. A back up internet is a plus (not a must, YET).

3. Bank account linked to Paypal

Other Employers require you to have a specific Savings Account for wire transfer. But having a Visa/Mastercard linked to Paypal is the COMMON mode of payment.
a. How to Apply for BPI Prepaid Mastercard
b.How to Apply for Union Bank EON Visa and Paypal Guide with EON 

I heard there are cards from some bank you can also link with Paypal, kindly do some research first before deciding on what bank and card you want to use with your Paypal.

4. List all the skills you have.

You will need this in your profile and you will need this to determine which niche you want to focus on. This site is helpful, 1000 Ways to Use a Filipino VA on listing your skills.

5. Open an Odesk, Elance and/or Freelancer account.

Complete the profile and take the exams/tests.


Items listed above are just some of the things you need in order to start your VA journey. To learn more, download the VA Seminar HERE or go to this link






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TGNT Day 2

Fresh from How to Make Apps Webinar

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TNGT Day 1: Planning & Creating an FB Page

I just finished this awesome Gold Rush Course by Jomar Hilario and Jay McLean. They were very generous sharing the latest cutting edge strategies on digital marketing. Every time, penny and efforts I put into the course were all worth it. And on my journey to discovering more of who I am and who I can potentially be, I also found a family,  my VA202 family.

Today, I am officially starting my TNGT Series – The Next Great Thing Series. I will post my daily learning and/or progress on my VA202 assignments. I just feel I need to this series. Basically, what I’m trying to avoid is the 3-year lag time on my VA 1.0 downloadable seminar. But that’s a different story (for another post, perhaps).

TNGT Day 1:

A. Planning

On my way home to Bulacan, I came up with ideas on how to execute and finish this assignment as effectively and as efficiently as I can. I identified who my target audience will be and what needs to be done first.

B. Creating an FB Page

I created my first VA202 FB page. Why first? Because I think I’m crazy enough to create more pages on the upcoming days.

virtual assistant tips




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How to Improve Active Listening

Active listening is the ability to listen actively which can improve personal relationships through reducing conflicts, strengthening cooperation, and fostering understanding. (Source: Wikipedia)

There are a lot of ways on how to improve one’s Active Listening skill. In this particular document, I initially showed the definition of Active Listening based on Wikipedia. This is to ensure understanding of how it affects our communication with other people. I believe that once we have understood its meaning and importance, we can relate our day-to-day activities into it.


Second, I listed the difference of hearing and listening. Most of us can hear the words of the person we are talking to but it does not necessarily mean we really understood what they said. Also, most of us communicate in a very odd way. Some of us are not direct to the point while some us cannot get our message across that way we want others to understand it. That is why hearing is very different from really listening. The same way that listening is different from actively listening.

In addition to comparing hearing with listening, I also listed the comparison of passive listening with active listening. Because of this, I was able to interject the barriers to effective listening. Knowing these barriers not only gives us idea on the factors which affects effective communication. These barriers also will make us aware of the things we need to look out for when listening to someone.

Lastly, I enumerated four items on how one can effectively practice active listening. In relation to this, Steven Covey wrote in The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, “Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply.”  Calvin Coolidge also said that it takes a great man to be a good listener. I hope that after you read this document; you can practice active listening, lessen misunderstandings (if not, eliminate) and in turn be able to improve your communication and relationship with others.


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To Dance with my Father Again

This article was written 3 years ago.

To Dance with my Father Again

Last Sunday, I came to a funeral of my friend’s grandfather. At the church after the mass, the Barangay Council awarded him with honors for his contributions and for serving the community as a former Barangay Councilor. I wondered why people had to wait for someone to die before honoring them and letting them know how much they are valued and loved. I had no perfect answer at that time and so I decided to park the question for a while.  Later at the memorial park, I heard a song which brought me back about seven years ago.

It was three days after Christmas when I last saw him. We just came from the party and bid each other goodnight. Thirty minutes later, he knocked at my bedroom door and asked me to go out. When I went out of the room and followed him at the living room, I knew there was something wrong.  He told me that he had hard time breathing. I became worried. It was just like those nights when we (the whole family)  will be up at the middle of the night trying to make him feel better. He had the same complain for months and he never visited a specialist despite of our demands. He would always tell Mama that we did not have enough money to go to the hospital and that it was better to use the money for me and my siblings’ schooling. But at that moment, I insisted in bringing him to the hospital. Together with my cousin, a nurse, we rushed Papa to the nearest hospital. It was fast. I saw him cathing his breath. I saw him looking at me and fighting for his life. But that was all he could do. Thirty minutes after, he was gone and we lost him. When he was declared dead by the attending physician, my world stopped.

Memories flashed back.

I saw Papa coming home from work with KFC fried chickens for me and my brother (I was only six years old at that time). Then, we were at a van going to Bataan singing, “There’s a light, a certain kind of light, that never shone on me. I want my life to be; Lived with you, lived with you”, at the top of our lungs and laughing. The next scene was during my highschool graduation. He was so proud as I and Mama marched through the stage. Then, he went up to the stage minutes later and put my medal on. Next scene was when he brought me to the college boarding house with my things. I was crying when I told him again that I can study in Bulacan and not in UP (University of the Philippines) because I did not want to stay away from home. He said that it was also hard for him to let me stay in a dormitory. He added that not everyone was given an opportunity to study there and that he was really proud of me. He  promised that he will always pick me up at the University and go home every weekend.  Soon after that scene, we were at home posing for a family picture. It was my surprise 18th birthday party. Week before that, he asked me if I wanted to have a debut party and I said no. I said we did not have extra money and I just wished to be with the whole family. It was his and Mama’s idea to surprise me. They threw the party, secretly invited my friends and our relatives. It was fun and memorable. The last scene was the last Christmas we celebrated together. As a family tradition, we went to celebrate the Christmas Eve mass at Manila Cathedral and went home for the Noche Buena. It was peaceful, lively, and full of love.

“If I could get another chance, another walk, another dance with him. I’d play a song that would never, ever end. How I’d love, love, love. To dance with my father again.”

It was the song being played at the funeral I attended last week. It was the song which brought me back to remembering Papa. It was the song which unlocked the pain I always kept hidden in my heart. It was the pain of missing him and wishing to be with him again.

Now, I know that it is not in our hands to make people stay but I also know that it is in our hands what we are going to do with the time that has been given to us. I know that we have that power; to love now and live each day fully. We must learn to value the people we love before we lost them, or maybe ( just maybe), it will be too late. Luckily, it was not for me. I know that me and Papa shared a full life together despite his early death.

This article goes to everyone. First, to those who still have their fathers with them this coming Father’s Day, celebrate it full of love and thanksgiving. Second, to those who are like me (no father to celebrate Father’s Day with), let’s continue to pray for their beloved souls. Happy Dad’s Day!

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How to Use Animoto

You have a lot of photos and videos saved in your computer and other devices and you are thinking of a unique way of showcasing them. What you are probably looking for is an easy video-maker where you can arrange your photos/videos, put on a song and share them online. In this case, you may want to check Animoto and it’s user-friendly features.

What is Animoto?

Animoto is an online video-maker from your collection of photos, videos and music. You can sign up for free as a Lite user and create up to 5 videos, which can last up to 30 seconds. For longer videos, upgrade to the Plus and Pro Plans. I made a basic tutorial on how to use Animoto, here it is:


What I like about Animoto is that you can share your video creation via most of the famous social networking sites like twitter, facebook, youtube, etc. You can also share the link to your loved ones or email it to a friend. I can also embed the video to a blog or to any forum site. Another thing I enjoy about Animoto is that you do not have to download it just to make a video, You can make the video online and need not to use space from your computer for the application. You can just go to the website anytime and anywhere, upload your photos and videos and make a video out of them.

To sign up and for more information, visit


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Totoo bang may Santa Claus?

Totoo bang may Santa Claus? Di ba tanong mo din sya nung bata ka pa? Tanong ko din sya noon. Tuwing Pasko kasi, nagsasabit kami ni Bernard (ang nakababata kong kapatid na lalaki) ng malaking medyas sa Christmas tree. Sabi kasi ni Papa at Mama, binibigyan daw ni Santa Claus ng regalo yung mababait na bata; utos daw yun ni Papa Jesus sa kanya.

Isang araw bago mag-Pasko, naalala ko na punong-puno ng chocolates at candies ang malaking medyas na nakasabit sa Christmas tree namin. Sabi ni Papa, “advance gift” daw yun ni Santa Claus kasi lagi daw kaming tumutulong kay Mama at mabait daw kaming mga bata. Sabi pa nya, kung isusulat ko yung hiling ko sa papel at ilalagay sa loob ng medyas, reregaluhan ako ni Santa Claus pagdating ng Pasko. Mas maganda daw kung may papel sa loob ng medyas kung saan nakasulat ang hiling (o wish) mo. At least daw, alam ni Santa Claus kung ano ang regalong dadalhin nya at iiwan sa ilalim ng Christmas tree. Yun daw kasi ang ginawa nya nung bata pa sya at binigay daw ni Santa Claus lahat ng hiniling nya.

Tinawag ko agad si Bernard pagkatapos naming mag-usap ni Papa. Sabi ko sa kanya, “Bilisan mo, magsulat na tayo ng gusto nating regalo. Sabi ni Papa, sigurado daw syang bibigyan tayo ni Santa Claus sa Pasko kasi mabait daw tayo”. Dahil hindi kami mayaman, medyo “big time” yung hiningi namin ni Bernard. Exciting!

Dumating ang Pasko. Ginising ako ni Mama. Sabi nya, “Anak, Merry Christmas! Bumangon ka na at magsisimba pa tayo”. Pumupungas-pungas pa kong tumayo at lumabas ng kwarto. Bigla kong naalala yung wish ko. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, “Yehey! Pasko na. Sana may regalo na ko from Santa.”

Pagtingin ko sa ilalim ng Christmas tree, may nakita akong dalawang malaking regalo. Isang nakapangalan sa akin at isang nakapangalan kay Bernard. Sabi ko, “Thank you, Lord. Pinadala mo kay Santa Claus yung regalo ko.” At pagbukas ko ng regalo, isang malaki at magandang doll house ang bumungad sa kin. Totoo nga! May Santa Claus! Ginising ko agad si Bernard para mabuksan nya yung regalong nakapangalan sa kanya. Alam mo ba kung ano ang laman? Isang malaki at mamahaling laruan na tren. Hindi lang basta-basta yung  tren nya kasi umaandar at umiikot (nung panahon naming high-tech na yun, di pas kasi uso nun ang PSP, PS3, ipad at Wii). Jackpot kami ng kapatid ko. Sabi namin, buong taon kaming magpapakabait para sa susunod na Pasko, may regalo kami ulit. ;0

Pagkatapos noon, taon-taon, may regalo na kaming natatanggap (Barbie doll, kotse, robot, atbp.). Minsan, nagdududa na talaga ko kung sino ba talaga si Santa Claus at kung totoo ba talaga sya. Sabi kasi ng mga kaklase at pinsan ko, joke lang daw si Santa Claus. Pero naisip ko, paano naging joke si Santa kung may regalo kami ng mga kapatid ko tuwing Pasko?

Isang araw, tinanong ko si Mama, “Ma, totoo bang may Santa Claus?” Hindi na ko nagulat sa sagot nya, “Hindi. Si Papa mo ang bumibili ng regalo tuwing Pasko tapos nilalagay lang namin siya sa ilalim ng Christmas tree pag tulog na kayo para di nyo makita. Pero wag mo sasabihin sa mga kapatid mo ha. Mga bata pa kasi sila, bayaan muna nating mag-enjoy.” Pagkatapos nun, wala nakong natanggap na regalo pero ok lang. Masaya ako tuwing nakikitang masaya ang mga kapatid ko sa tuwing binubuksan nila ang mga regalong dala ni Santa Claus – mga regalong punong-puno ng pagmamahal galing kay Papa.

Sabi nga nila, inutusan daw ni Papa Jesus si Santa Claus para mamigay ng regalo. Hindi lang basta mga laruan ang binigay ni Santa sa amin. Binigay din nya sa amin pagmamahal at pag-aaruga ng isang mabuting ama.

Astig ang tatay ko.


Dahil sya ang Santa Claus namin.

Me & Papa




*** This article was written 3 years ago for a Father’s Day Special

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